How scented candles could be harming you and the environment

They’ve been taking over the news in recent weeks,. From The Independent to MSN News, scented candles are apparently causing harm to our health and the environment and I for one agree. But hang on, before you twitch your nose in confusion and whisper in a bemused way ‘but you make scented candles’. I implore you to read on. Because the good news is, it’s not all scented candles that are the bad guys.

Soya wax still classified as clean

The key to all the hype comes down to two main things, led in the candle wick (yup, I did say led) and paraffin wax: a wax which is literally the by product of crude oil. Its the sludge left behind after the shiny slippery stuff is distilled. Pretty gruesome right?

Parafin wax has two particularly toxic chemicals, benzene and toluene, which we are concerned about. They are both found in the sooty residue from burning candles, it’s the black soot you see coming off your wick and landing on your ceiling!

EPA concludes paraffin emits harmful toxins

In 2001, the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) concluded that burning paraffin candles emit harmful amounts of toxins in the air that are considered above the excess risk, with multiple exposures. Fast forward to 2019 and Michael Gove has introduced The Clean Air Strategy and will be telling firms that they need to reduce their emissions in scented candles.

Because if you’re like me – you love nothing more than to come home after a hard days work, kick off your shoes, let the kids get on with whatever (because you’re so tired you need ten minutes alone to relax and really don’t care what they get up to), go into the kitchen, light your scented candle and wait for the gorgeous aroma to fill the room and send you into a much needed bliss while pouring a well deserved cuppa tea – you want to know you’re doing it safely. Now you can.

You have a right to know exactly what’s going into your candles, what wax, specifically, and that the wick, does not contain led?

Soy wax and cotton candles both make Willow and Tea candles safer

Our entire range of W & T scented candles all have cotton wicks and do NOT contain led or any baddies. Our soy wax is 100% natural and is NOT a mixture of soy and any other wax. This produces a much healthier scented candle, not to mention it burns nearly twice as long as paraffin wax and the gorgeous cotton wicks we use helps maintain the life and burn of your candle right until the very end – all of it without any paraffin or led.

Some manufacturers list ‘mineral wax’ as the ingredient in their candles but don’t forget, mineral wax is simply another name for Paraffin wax!

If you’re interested in reading more, here’s the article from The Independent News (which lists soy as the cleanest wax to use) and the article regarding Michael Gove and The Clean Air Strategy.