we’re obsessed with handmade

We create beautifully made handmade home and lifestyle products with an emphasis on ‘as natural as possible’, creating products that compliment your home and help create your sanctuary.



Willow and Tea is comfort, style and pleasure – because it’s the little things that count. We believe in making the most of lifes simple pleasures and enjoying life, love and family and each one of our prodcuts reflects this.

We go to great lengths to make sure that our raw ingredients, packaging and processes are as kind to the environment and as ethical as can be. In fact, if you want something pronto from us, I’m afraid it’s not something we like to do because we try to limit our footprint and package and post as limited as we can to ensure we’re protecting the environment and making it as quality a product as possible

Think timeless pieces, unique creations, quality and attention to detail

The new kid on the block

Being relatively new doesn’t mean we don’t know what matters. Being small means we care more about the little details and talented enough to give you the quality you deserve.

With ambition comes fire in our belly’s and that’s exactly what we’ve got. Getting tired of seeing the same overpriced products flooding the market, we wanted to create a new range of gorgeous, creamy, long-lasting high quality scented candles that weren’t made from toxic paraffin (mineral) wax. 


There was also the matter of paraffin wax

After suffering constant headaches, Zarn, our lead creator, finally figured out it was the paraffin wax candles she was buying that were the cause. There embarked many hours of research into candles and what truly makes a quality, long lasting, safe and luxurious product that would be kinder to both humans, and pets.

Our at home adventure turned very quickly into a luxurious, well made and luscious product with our 100% soy scented candles.

Sustainably Made 

Because our world matters! That's why we take every opportunity we can to lower our carbon footprint, use biodegradable materials so that we make as much of a contribution as we can to be as kind to the environment while still bringing you a high quality, luxury product.


Recyclable Packaging

Our boxes are made from recycled cardboard and our packaging filling is made from GM free starch making them sustainable and compostable as well as providing much better protection of your purchases than polystyrene.


Luxury candles that don't burn a hole in your pocket

There is nothing worse than spending a small fortune on a candle only to burn it and have half the candle left behind in the vessel. Our candle promise to you is that ours won't.  Using special hand pouring techniques and particular ingredients makes this a thing of the past for you when you buy Willow and Tea Scented Candles.


High Quality Natural Ingredients

We put a lot of research in behind the scenes and experiment with everything we do to ensure you get the highest quality ingredients at an affordable price. But we don't stop there. Born from the ambition to create a sustainable, more environmental product, we investigated what ingredients would be kinder to you and the environment. That's why we use 100% soy wax for it sustainability and kindness to us and the environment.


Unique hand-crafted products

We love nothing more than coming up with ideas to make your home the beautiful place you deserve, no matter what your budget.

Only the best quality ingredients make up our scented candles 

Followed up with our postage and packaging being as environmentally safe as possible, like our recycled packing boxes and our bicarbonate of soda packaging pellets which you can recycle in your compost bin.