We’re obsessed with hand crafted products

We create beautiful handmade home and lifestyle products with an emphasis on ‘as natural as possible’ creating products that compliment your home. Every piece is finely tuned to ensure you get a product that reflects quality.

Think timeless pieces, unique creations, quality and attention to detail

Comfort, style and pleasure – because it’s the little things that count. We believe in making the most of life’s simple pleasures and enjoying the finer details like arriving home to the fresh alluring scent of lime and bergamot in the front hall, it’s clean, crisp scent starting your journey into comfort.

Then, lighting a candle and sitting with it for 10 minutes while your body unwinds from the day it’s scent wrapping you up in a warm hug.

Scent evokes instant change, a feeling a memory, a mood.

Helping save the environment

We make sure we do everything we can to make all our products as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible. From our raw ingredients to our packaging and processes. We take every opportunity we can to lower our carbon footprint, use biodegradable materials and be as kind as we can to the environment while still bringing you a high quality sustainable product.

Our boxes are made from recycled cardboard and our packaging filling is made from GM free starch making them sustainable and compostable as well as providing much better protection of your purchases and the environment.

Making scents of the world