Egyptian Amber


Classic 250g jar

The Seductive goddess: sweet, spicy and full of vigour

A luxuriously exotic blend of infused herbs, spices and floral essential oils. This subtle fragrance with it’s base of vanilla and rich amber notes would sit anywhere in your home creating a rich yet relaxing ambience.



Top Notes: Grapefruit, Orange
Middle Notes: Jasmine, Lavender
Base Notes: Sandalwood, Vanilla


Egyptian Amber is subtle in its sweetness adding to the muskiness that purifies the air and relaxes you as the jasmine gets to work on helping you sleep.


When lighting your candle for the first time, burn your candle until the wax melts across the entire surface creating a pool of wax across the entire vessel, this could take 2-4 hours as soy wax, being a much healthier alternative to mineral waxes runs cooler and burns longer.

This prevents tunnelling and creates an even burn for the duration of the candles’ life.

To prevent uneven wax burn thereafter always burn candle long enough for the wax to melt and pool to the edges of the glass and keep the wick trimmed to about 1cm.


100% natural Soy Wax, Cotton wick, fragrance oils

Our candles do not contain: Paraffin, Petroleum, Palm Oil, Lead Wicks or Phlalates


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